Have A Gyro At Pita Alley

If you're near the Grand Place and want a quick, cheap meal, we recommend heading to 'Pita Alley' on Rue du Marche aux Fromage.

To get there, you enter the Grand Place from the southwest corner, walk straight down the south end and turn left. Here, you'll find more than a dozen pita restaurants, and even a couple offering pizza or mussels.

This lively little street is lined with café-style tables and chairs with colorful signs hanging overhead declaring the owner's native origin, generally Greece, Turkey or Egypt.

Waiters stand near their restaurants and call out to passers-by, encouraging them to eat in their place. "Bonjour! You speak English? Please, we have table for you. How many?"
Brussels restaurant The typical pita place offers a smorgasbord of choices. Ask for a menu in English and you might get lucky. Otherwise, hope for an English-speaking waiter or dust off your French dictionary.

The most basic pita is a "Pita Gyro" with chopped roasted lamb, smothered in a mixture of white sauce and cabbage. Other common choices are: Pita Feta with feta cheese; Pita Vegetarian; and Pita Poulet (the same as a Pita Gyro except with grilled chicken). These selections run in the 3.00-3.50 euro range. Drinks and frites (French fries) are extra.

If you have a bigger appetite, you might try one of the platters which range in price from 6.00-7.00 euros. Platter choices include lamb, chicken, or sausage meat, and frites garnished with a few vegetables. You can also order a mixed grill platter which includes a sample of several meats or you can even order a vegetarian platter.

Brussels restaurant

After you finish your Pita Alley meal, you might want to walk back to the Grand Place for dessert. You can sample a couple of pieces of Belgian chocolate at Godiva, Neuhaus or Leonidas shops. Or, walk through the Grand Place entrance alley and try a Belgian waffle, Australian ice cream or Hagen Daz.

So many choice, so little time!

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